Why Hair Transplantation Is The Best Hair Restoration Option For Men?

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While planning to go for a hair transplant, the first question that arises in our mind is ‘how did I lose my hair’? Normally, most people shed about 50 t0 100 hairs per day. With about 100,000 hairs in your scalp, this amount of loss of hair shouldn’t result in noticeable thinning of scalp hair. With ageing, hair tends to thin gradually. One of the common causes that lead to hair loss is usually a hereditary condition known as female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness. Other hair loss causes include medical conditions, hormonal factors and medications.

What Are The Different Options For Hair Restorations For Men?

Recently a team of foreign experts along with an Indian trichologist made a study on the reasons why men are balding early in their 20s. Based on their study, they found out the four main causes that lead to hair loss at an early age. They termed it as the four enemies – stress, pollution, vices and poor nutrition. But fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to hair restoration for men. One option is making use of toupee, hair piece or wig. These can offer a temporary solution for hair loss. They are quite expensive and even require constant upkeep. Besides this, it also results in a considerable anxiety in the wearer about being ‘caught’ in the public for wearing artificial hair. But you can always test these products considering the fact they have been used by many people over the years. Moreover, if you don’t consider yourself ready for transplantation yet, you can always go for these products. Other hair restoration options include use of hair loss concealers. They also offer a temporary solution for hair loss.

Hair Transplantation – The Permanent Way to Restore Your Hair

Hair transplantation surgery is the only way to restore your hair permanently. Hair Transplantation is surgical removal of the hair follicles from permanent region at back as well as sides of head. These hair follicles are transplanted to balding or thinning regions where ultimately they grow back like native hair. As hair transplantation leads to permanent hair growth that you will live with throughout the rest of the life, it is necessary to research well about it before you take any step.

In the last ten years, major advanced have taken place in the process of hair transplantation for men and women. These days, hair transplantation no longer results in an unattractive appearance.

While you plan to go for hair transplantation, there are certain factors that should be discussed with the surgeon. This includes the following:

  • Your hair and skin
  • Ethnic background
  • Family history that might have resulted in hair loss
  • Age

What Can You Expect After Your Hair Restoration Surgery?

After hair transplantation, the transplanted hairs become visible in the form of small wounds. These heal quickly and become almost invisible within a short span of time. Follow-up care is essential so that you report your advancement to your surgeon accordingly.

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