Top tips to fight with fatigue problem

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We have all experienced fatigue at some point in our lives. Due to the fast-paced lives we lead these days and the lack of healthy nutrition options; we are essentially running our bodies on an empty tank and playing with our health. When the body and mind are overworked and underpaid, they are bound to give us signs that they are slowing down from sever exhaustion. Signs such as regular headaches, sleeplessness, heart problems, depression, loss of appetite and irritability are indications that you are suffering from physical or mental fatigue. When you catch the problem, it’s time to give it attention and treat it as you would any other medical condition. Here are some of the best ways to deal with fatigue:

  1. Follow a healthy diet and exercise plan: We tend to spend long hours at work and come home late on most weeknights. As a result, we are unable get any exercise or eat healthy home-cooked meals. Following a healthier lifestyle means making small changes to our routines everyday which will help us feel good and positive. Eat diet meals instead of street food or fast food. Get plenty of exercise- at least half an hour daily, 5 days a week.
  2. Get a complete medical check-up: You may be experiencing fatigue due to some medical conditions as well. Anaemia or iron deficiency is one such example. So are irregular blood sugar levels or hypothyroidism. In all cases, one needs to get proper medications in order to treat these conditions. Obesity could also be a cause of fatigue, so following doctor-recommended diet meals along with exercise is the best solution in such cases.
  3. Get plenty of sleep: Try to sleep early and get up early and get at least 6 hours of undisturbed sleep every night. Its good practice to stop all work or activity that puts a strain on the brain at least half an hour before going to bed. Try drinking herbal tea before bed time. Avoid coffee or caffeinated drinks in your diet meals which will keep you up at night. Listen to soothing music if it helps you relax or read a good book before bed. Some people even like to take a warm bath before bed time with scented candles as it helps them relax. Switch off all cell phones and make sure you are undisturbed till next morning.
  4. Reduce your alcohol and cigarette consumption: These cause not just fatigue, but are responsible for many other physical ailments as well. Try to reduce your alcohol consumption to as minimal as possible. With cigarettes, its best to completely cut them out of your life. This is certainly easier said than done. However, with a disciplined body and mind, one can achieve this easily.

Fatigue, stress and depression are becoming increasingly common in our society, thanks to our ever-changing lifestyles. It’s best to follow a healthy lifestyle which includes the right diet meals, yoga or other exercise and plenty of sleep for long-term relief from fatigue.

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