The Zyppah RX snoring solution

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Sleeping with a snoring person can be a disturbing experience. Many anti-snoring devices available in the market claim to heal this problem but they are NOT. The Zyppah rx anti-snoring appliance is the best device that can be used to deal with the problem.

This appliance is self-molded and FDA certified oral appliance that is safe, effective and easy to use. This appliance was developed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, who has conducted extensive research in snoring and sleep apnea.

The first technique is the mandible repositioning. This technique opens the airway. When a snoring person moves the lower jaws slightly forward, airflow improves and hence the snoring sound reduces. The mandibular repositioning method is a popular method used by the anti-snoring appliance makers. However, it is not effective because it cannot fully open the airway since there is a limit on how far a person can move the lower jaw.

This device also uses the patent-pending elastic to address the snoring problem. This method stabilizes the tongue thus preventing it from rolling back to the throat. Stabilization of the tongue increases opening of the airway. Although it stabilizes the tongue, this appliance does not affect the gag reflex. Therefore, combining these two techniques provide an effective treatment to the snoring problem.

Scientific research has proved that relaxation of the tongue creates snoring, this explains why when a person sleeps facing up, the snoring sound is high. The force of gravity makes the tongue to fall back. This is the reason why your bed partner may hit and ask you to sleep on sideways.Unlike other anti-snoring devices, that rely on one technique to address the snoring problem, the Zyppah rx uses two methods to permanently tackle the snoring problem. Therefore, the zyppah rx is the ultimate solution to the snoring problem.

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