The latest technology to help you quit smoking

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An article looking at the use of electronic cigarettes as a means to quit smoking and how and where to purchase them.

Smoking used to be seen as cool, with iconic figures and film stars regularly photographed casually drawing on a cigarette; the epitome of style and sophistication. But the realities of smoking are now well documented, with lung cancer, emphysema and a whole host of other nasty and potentially fatal illnesses associated with the habit.

Your health should be your absolute priority. Without good health you aren’t able to work, to care for your family or to enjoy a fulfilling and enjoyable life. The good news is that more and more people are realising this and are taking steps to quit smoking, while fewer people are taking up the habit. Quitting is notoriously difficult, but with a lot of willpower and a little support from the right products, you can do it and could soon be enjoying a smoke-free life. Electronic cigarettes are proving a popular way for smokers to gradually ease themselves away from real cigarettes. They do give you a small amount of nicotine (you can regulate and reduce this as your cravings start to fade) and they don’t produce any smoke, so you are allowed to smoke them in public without fear of passive smoking. They also provide smokers with the essential ‘something to do with your hands’ – a problem noted by many people trying to quit. If you’re looking for an electronic cigarette online is probably the best place to start, with plenty of websites offering good deals.

Better health, better bank balance
As well as enjoying a much healthier body you will start to notice your finances are looking healthier too. Of course you will have to purchase your electronic cigarettes (and either batteries or cartridges) but when you are no longer paying for a pack of cigarettes a day you’ll soon start to see an improvement to your bank balance. It is always a good idea to offer yourself some kind of reward for managing a certain length of time smoke free, so why not commit to treating yourself for every week you manage? A shopping trip with some of the cash you’ve saved, maybe, or a well-deserved massage or meal out. It is amazing how much money cigarettes cost, so even when you’re treating yourself the chances are you’ll still be making savings.

Quitting smoking is seen by the health profession as an essential part of our wellbeing, so there are many support groups out there. If you think you need a little extra guidance or advice, or just somewhere to discuss any problems you’re having, these can be a great idea. Your doctor can point you in the right direction to your local groups.

Everyone knows kicking the habit is hard, but the wide availability of electronic cigarette online companies makes a welcome helping hand to those trying to leave the habit behind them for good.

AUTHOR BIO: Joana Hall is a health writer who writes and blogs on a wide variety of medical and health-related topics. She hopes those who click here to read her article will enjoy her views on electronic cigarettes.


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