Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer

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Cancer is a disease that includes uncontrolled division or multiplication of cells inside the body and it quite often leads to the serious threat to the human race by causing death of the individual in the end. The unstoppable multiplication or say growth of the cells results into many abnormalities inside the body in terms of hindering the actual function of several crucial organs such as, skin, liver, breast, bone and likewise. As per the medical professionals, it is possible to cure cancer only if it is diagnosed at the earlier stage of it otherwise treatment becomes real challenging for eradicating it from roots. Although many signs and symptoms are identified that clearly reflect the presence of uncontrolled growth of cells in your body but many individual remain untreated or say unaware of the cancer in their body.

Liver cancer is one such type of cancer that usually does not include any specific symptoms or signs during primary stage of suffering. However, an individual with the risks for liver cancer may need to get medical assistance as quickly as possible once it is diagnosed in the advanced stage of the cancer.

What is liver cancer?

Liver cancer is a disease during which cancerous cells either start growing in liver cells itself, i.e hepatic cells or cancerous cells actually get spread from some other affected organ to the liver. The transferred cancer is commonly known as metastases. Liver cancer may also result due to the development of tumor in places like intestine, stomach, breast, pancreas, lungs and other such crucial organs in a human body. Similarly, cancerous cells may also develop in the bile duct cells and such cancerous cells are called Cholangiocarcinoma. Cancer generally grows in finger like lines and are really hard to identify through techniques like X-ray.

Major signs and symptoms of liver cancer

Liver cancer can be developed by individual of any age group. Like children and adults, both can get liver cancer depending upon various factors and habits implemented by them. However, adults are more prone to primary liver cancer which is also known as hepatocellular carcinoma. Many lifestyle changes such as, moderate consumption of alcohol etc, can greatly contribute in reducing the risks for developing liver cancer by most of the adults. There are certain factors that are very much responsible for resulting the liver cancer development in human beings. The risk factors like, prolonged hepatitis B or C infection or simply presence of some precarious diseases like Sclerosing cholangitis, hemochromatosis etc, may also lead to the occurrence of liver cancer in a patient’s body. Still there are some specific signs and symptoms that appear during the case of liver cancer:

  • Swelling in liver organ and abnormal enlargement of liver
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Excreting white and chalky tools
  • Poor appetite
  • Continuous nausea and vomiting feeling
  • Excessive weakness and fatigue
  • Whitening of eyes or sudden yellowing of the skin
  • Occurrence of diseases like jaundice

If you or any of your known people experience any of the above mentioned signs or symptoms then you must consult doctor to obtain adequate treatment your liver cancer


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