Drink Green Tea to Lose Weight

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Perhaps you have heard of the most common methods to lose weight, such as eating a healthy diet and performing regular exercise. However, did you know that you can use other techniques to slim down besides the bogus diet pills and weight management programs on the Internet? One way to do this is by drinking green tea or taking green tea supplements.

Green tea came from camellia sinesis leaves and originated in China. Many Asian cultures use it as an effective herbal medicine that maintains a healthy immune system. Moreover, it is known as a potent alternative that can increase your metabolism and specifically has the antioxidant catechin polyphenois. This encourages extensive workouts by decreasing the carbohydrates that is being used.

Furthermore, green tea can burn body fats faster because it increases the metabolism. For you to achieve successful weight reduction, you must include exercise in your daily routine along with drinking green tea.

The first step is make drinking green tea as a habit. Drink at least four cups a day and include it in your meal as much as possible. To effectively lose weight, do not add sugar to your green tea. Instead, find green teas of different flavors, such as those with honey or cinnamon, and decide which flavor better suits your palate. Green teas can be full of flavor and they may not even remind you of its usual bitter taste.

In addition, if you really want to reduce your weight, then you might want to avoid drinking coffee and sodas. These can be replaced with either iced or hot green teas. Perhaps you have always taken coffee as a part of your breakfast, substitute it with hot green tea instead. Maybe you are a fan of soft drinks; an iced green tea is an alternative to these.

Remove all your stocked coffees and sodas so that you may not be tempted to drink them. Both of these are caffeinated and may not aid you in managing your weight. This is because coffees are high in calories, while sodas have a great deal of sugar. Bear in mind that sodas have been linked to obesity cases.

Additionally, prefer green teas that contain acai berry, which is also an antioxidant and helps you in losing weight. Even though the combination of green tea and acai berry aids in reducing weight, you must never fail to incorporate exercise and good diet.

However, if you really dislike the taste of green tea, then you might want to try taking green tea pills instead. Remember that you should consult your physician first before you include this herbal medicine into your diet. These pills may not contain caffeine, unlike the real green tea. Nonetheless, the amount of caffeine present in green teas is not that remarkable compared to those in coffees.

On the whole, green teas can be effective in losing weight with the right amount of exercise and controlled diet. It is a healthy alternative if you are seeking for safe weight reduction techniques.

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