Detox Pads: What You Really Want To Know

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What are Detox Pads?

Detoxification is becoming an extremely common practice. However, the kinds of detox systems, diets, pills, and concoctions vary greatly. Unfortunately, most of these detox ideas cause horrible side effects such as head aches, fatigue, and worst of all an unhappy digestive system. So, if the constant emergency bathroom breaks are driving you crazy, try this one little trick: Detox Pads. Detox pads are small, bandage like pads that you stick onto the bottoms of your feet while you sleep. Inside the pads are multiple oils and other natural substances that help stimulate the detoxification processes in your body. Amazingly, these substances drag out toxins and relieve aches, pains, and other ailments.

How Will Detox Pads Affect Me?

Now that you know a little about what a detox pad is, I’m sure you want to know how they can help you or improve your lifestyle. Basically, what do detox pads have to offer? Well, let me explain. Your body is like a machine. Undeniably, it works best when all the parts are clean, oiled, and functioning. With toxins and metals in your system, the body is weighted down and slow. Things such as your blood flow and your digestive system are slowed down or even stopped entirely. Basically, not functioning at their best. This brings you discomfort, stress, and even pain. However, with the detox pads, your body is relieved of the fatigue, pain and discomfort caused by these toxins. Your machine is cleaned up and oiled.

Not only do these pads purify your system, but they also do it while you are sleeping at night. Without the pain and discomfort of some detoxification processes such as the salt rinse or juice diets, these pads are a breath of fresh air. They revitalize your system and they don’t make you sick or worsen your symptoms first. Honestly, the detox pads are easy to use, effective and most importantly comfortable.

How Soon Can I Respect Results?

Instantly. After only one night with the foot detox pads you will notice a significant difference. However, with continued use the benefits become greater and greater. At the end of each use, the pad will be darkened with color. This visually marks the effectiveness of the system. Note how dark the first pad is. As the days pass by you will notice each pad you use gets lighter and lighter. This is due to the steadily decreasing amounts of toxins in your body. The less toxins there are, the less toxins need to be removed by the pad. Once the pad comes out colorless, you can be sure you body has been cleared of toxins. After that, use the detox pads only when needed.

How Much Is A Detox Pad?

We have come to the big question. Finances. The detox pads are sold in packages. For 30 pads (a month’s supply) the price can be rise to about 20. However, the results are well worth the expense. We do offer a 10 day supply for about $30 for those who wish to sample the product without making a huge investment.


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