A Guide to Gastrointestinal Disorders

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Good health brings prosperity. Having it isn’t a matter of choice but a necessity in order to lead a safe and sound life. Till date many health issues and aspects have been addressed by the physicians with utmost success. Amidst all these successful ventures there still remains an area though basic but goes a long way in maintaining a state of well being in a person’s life i.e. gastrointestinal health. Starting off with a basic abdominal issue this can go a long way in impairing one’s feeding habits permanently. Caused mainly by parasites they often are hard to detect unless a proper ultrasound and parasite check is done.

Common symptoms

The main and visible syndromes include runny stomach, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. Feeling dizzy, less craving towards food etc. is also the auxiliary syndromes which shall not be ignored.


Contaminated water fish, poultry and meat are also prone to parasite invasion. Trichinosis from pigs can be transmitted to humans lest the meat is cooked rare. Beef can also spread toxoplasmosis commonly harbored by cats. Dishes having raw fishes in it may shelter a large colony of parasites namely Anisakine larvae and Tapeworms.

Controlling the parasite

The predominant ways to shield against the parasitic attack are frequent washing of hands, scrubbing of fingernails and wearing gloves to avoid contact with the normal surface and hence reducing the transmission of parasites. Few anti parasite drugs are available in the market which combined with propolis allows the body to disinfect itself against these parasites.

Household techniques

Many household techniques have been followed to reduce the atrocities meted by these parasites in the gastro canal. They are namely:

  • Oregon grape- berberine present in this herb  use to lessens the Giardia effects
  • Pumpkin seeds-used to treat various types of tapeworms
  • Garlic- kills various parasites including amoebae 

Oatmeal go a long way in treating diseases in the gastrointestinal tract. Mucous detection made up of oat grains go a long away in treating the disease with significant success. Aloe Vera is also used for reducing the surge as it relaxes the mucous membrane preventing bacteria and other parasites from corroding the lining.

Types of ailments

Various gastrointestinal diseases include hernia, hisprung’s disease, colitis etc. some symptoms can be misleading as they can take the attributes of other diseases.


Health condition defines how we lead our lives. A healthy body enshrines a healthy soul as well. In the field of gastrointestinal diseases doctors have come a long way making various kinds of probiotics and antibiotics. The movement of bowel is restricted in some cases while the runny stomach takes its toll in some cases. While hernia can be operated upon other one’s including colitis can only be treated using probiotics. Colonoscopy is also a method to keep a track of the bowel movements enabling the physician to treat the patients accordingly. Hence it can be concluded that even after advancing in the right direction the physicians are still a long way from creating a universal drug to stem the advancement of this group of diseases.

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